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MHz helps you find available frequencies for wireless microphones.
Just swipe across the world to find the frequencies you need.

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MHz got your back

Whether you're a touring engineer, musician or simply a wireless mic enthusiast,
MHz will provide you with the most up-to-date list of available frequencies. Just launch MHz and you'll know.

Created with love

The app is designed and developed by an industry veteran.
This means that all features are designed with the technician and musician in mind.
MHz is constantly under development, so that you can benefit from all the rich features.
Because, trust us, many more features are coming.

Designed to work

Just grab your phone out of your pocket, open MHz and you'll instantly see the available channels at your locatioin.
Search for POI's or just a random address and you'll see the reuslts. All search results are saved on your device for your convenience.

Times are changing

The ever-growing number of DTV channels, 4G/LTE cellular connections, means that wireless devices need to be cramped into an even smaller space.
MHz can help with that process by instantly showing you available frequencies.

Countries so far

MHz supports white-space location search in Denmark, Sweden, Finland and USA
When it comes to general information regarding frequency availability
there's currently support for Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands and Switzerland also.
Rest assured. We'll be adding many more coutries to MHz.

Search for locations
or use your current location

Preparing a tour?
Keep MHz at hand.

It's well known, that available frequencies vary greatly depending on country.
In some countries it also very much depends on where you are, as available white spaces vary from place to place.
MHz can help you by showing a list of available white spaces.
Doesn't get any better.

iPhone X showing the map view in MHz app
iPhone X with current location result from MHz

We take privacy seriously.
As we should.

Unlike so many others,
we don't store your data on random servers.

The only time we need your location, is when something has gone wrong. If that should ever happen, just take a screenshot. MHz will automatically register it and ask if you want to report a bug. After we check out your issue, everything gets deleted.

What about Android?
I want to use MHz on my Android device

Let us assure you
We're working on it.

MHz started out as a 1-man adventure.
In fact, to this day, it still is. So it's not a reluctance to develop Android version - it's a skill thing.
It is the highest priority right now, to start developing an Andriod version.
We will get there.

android phone with MHz